Virtual office in Cluj Napoca

Virtual office in Cluj Napoca

Law Office Alina Szilaghi offers Virtual Office services to communicate effectively with your business partners by mail, by email, or by phone.

Virtual office in Cluj Napoca

Are you doing business outside the office and need your secretarial business?

It does not consume time and money for organizing the secretarial activity. Do not waste time by identifying a suitable space for secretarial work, not spending money on hiring the necessary staff and purchasing the furniture and the specific endowments you need.

Focus on the essence of your business.

Securely rely on secretarial services and administrative services specific to a Virtual Office.

Although you are not present at the office, instead you where your business needs are calling you, use the services of the Virtual Office to communicate effectively with your business partners by mail, by email, or by phone.

Virtual Office Services

  • Receiving, filtering, handing over or transmitting mail
  • SMS notification of the customer regarding the reception of correspondence at the headquarters
  • An email address where messages from/to business partners and third parties can be received and sent in connection with the business / administrative activity of the client company

Additionally, the following services can also be provided against payment:

  • Writing commercial correspondence according to the precise company’s customer specification
  • Print /copy/scan/ send documents
  • Document Registry
  • Document storage / archiving
  • A telephone/fax number dedicated to the client company that can receive/transmit messages in a personalized way according to the instructions received
  • Daily activity report
  • Other secretarial or administrative services that we will try, as far as we can, to configure them with you.

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