Special Permits and Licenses

Special Permits and Licenses

Attorney Office Alina Szilaghi provides complex assistance and representation services for obtaining special licenses and licenses.

Get Licenses and Authorizations for Companies

The attorney office “Szilaghi Alina” helped a large number of foreign clients to establish their businesses in Romania. We do not only provide assistance for the formation of new Romanian companies or Romanian subsidiaries of foreign companies, but we also deal with the whole process of creating companies.

This process includes choosing the right type of company and obtaining the type of company license.

These licenses and licenses are necessary for a company to carry out a number of activities in Romania.

The most common examples of activities for which the procedure for obtaining special licenses and licenses is required are:

  • insurance activities
  • banking services
  • transport activities
  • e-payment
  • accounting firms
  • recruiting firms
  • pharmaceutical activities
  • gambling.

These authorizations and licenses are obtained from different sources, such as ministries or official organizations.

The “Szilaghi Alina” Law Office is able to provide you with detailed reports explaining the procedures required to obtain these special permits and, of course, real assistance to complete these procedures.

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