Penal Law

Penal Law

Law Office Alina Szilaghi offers complex consulting, assistance and representation services in the field of criminal law.

Penal Law

Law Office Alina Szilaghi offers considerable experience in assisting and representing both individuals and companies in criminal cases. Our criminal law practice will defend your interests and help you exercise your rights both in the criminal investigation phase and before the court. The assistance that you can also benefit from criminal files in appeal or appeal or in extraordinary ways of attack.

We guarantee professional legal services to our clients treating your causes with maximum efficiency and diligence. We have the ability and resources to deal with criminal matters directly, especially complex cases such as organized crime, economic, IT, etc.

We can help you if you are accused or involved in any quality in the case of:

  • Legal advice
  • Legal assistance and representation in front of the criminal prosecution bodies – Police and Prosecutors, respectively Courts of any rank;
  • Drafting complaints, denunciations, memos, other requests;
  • Drawing up, filing and sustaining requests for:
    • Referral to criminal prosecution bodies;
    • Preliminary complaints of injured persons;
    • Complaints directed against the measures and acts ordered by the criminal prosecution bodies;
    • Intervention in the criminal proceeding of the civilly responsible party;
    • Taking measures to restitute certain goods;
    • Suspension of criminal prosecution or trial;
    • Provisional release;
    • Appeals in cancellations, revisions;
    • Revocation of safety measures;
    • Confiscation, conditional release, postponement or interruption of the execution of the prison sentence, removal or modification of the penal sanctions applied;
    • Appeals in execution;
  • Legal advice for:
    • economic crimes;
    • financial-accounting offenses;
    • tax offenses;
    • forgery;
    • labor offenses and offenses specific to labor law;
    • drafting requests and criminal complaints;
    • representation and legal assistance in criminal proceedings;
    • other requests.

The mere fact that you are blamed or indicted in a criminal case is not equivalent to being found guilty and convicted by a court. Your situation can always be improved if you have a criminal lawyer to act on a regular basis and provide you with specialized advice.

The defendant or the defendant has the right to be assisted by the defense counsel throughout the criminal prosecution and the judiciary, and the judicial authorities are obliged to bring this right to the attention of the defendant.

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