Online Gambling License

Online Gambling License

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Online Gambling License

In Romania, betting activity, including online bets, is governed by Government Emergency Ordinance on gambling, as amended and supplemented, as well as by the methodological norms for the implementation of the emergency ordinance.

Online gambling activity is defined by the ordinance as follows:
h) Online bets are a fixed-odds betting activity, organized by means of Internet communication systems, fixed or mobile telephony systems;
i) on-line gambling representing all gambling games other than those defined in the law, which are performed differently than in the physical presence of the players, organized and transmitted via Internet communication systems, fixed or mobile telephony systems, and for which a gambling organizer has obtained authorization and license (…) “.

On-line betting activities can be carried out, as with all gambling activities, only under the conditions of obtaining a license for the organization of gambling and gambling licensing.

Terms for licensing online gambling

The gambling license is granted to an economic operator who fulfills the conditions for organizing gambling activities and is valid for 5 (five) years from the date of the grant, subject to the payment of the annual authorization fee.

To get the online gambling license (for organizing), you must:

  1. economic operators to prove: existence as the main object of gambling organization; the existence of the approval of the police bodies granted to the legal representatives of the legal person, issued under the conditions provided by the legal norms; the constitution of the subscribed share capital and paid in the amount stipulated by the legal norms;
  2. the legal representatives of the legal person to file a declaration on their own responsibility, stating that: the economic operator was not convicted by a final conviction decision for which rehabilitation did not occur; are not in a state of incompatibility as they are governed by law;
  3. the legal representatives of the legal person to file the criminal record certificates;
  4. the economic operator has filed an application for obtaining the authorization to operate gambling games of the category covered by this Emergency Ordinance and under the conditions imposed by it.

The fees required to obtain the license for online bets

The fees for organizing gambling licenses (annual) are as follows:

  • For online gambling online: 100,000 lei
  • For online gambling: 400,000 lei
  • For online bookmakers: 200,000 lei.

Authorization to operate online gambling is valid for one year from the date of the grant for the entire organization, deployment and exploitation activity and for all the required technical equipment to run the operation.

Documents required to obtain authorization to operate online gambling

In order to obtain the authorization to operate online gambling (online betting), the economic operator must submit a series of documents including:

  • the operating rules of each game;
  • internal regulations on the organization and conduct of the activity;
  • acts relating to the ownership or use of gaming and technical equipment to support the organization, operation, and transmission of gambling covered by the application;
  • making available to the commission the monitoring contract concluded with the monitoring and reporting operator;
  • the confirmation issued by the monitoring and reporting operator for auditing technical equipment that provides support for the organization, operation, and transmission of gambling applications that are the subject of the request;
  • the document issued by the monitoring and reporting operator according to which the game program, the theoretical prize percentage (RTP) and the random number generator are internationally certified by recognized bodies/laboratories;
  • evidence of the establishment of the guarantee fund; statement on own responsibility by the organizer of games that space (s) in which the technical equipment that supports the organization, operation and transmission of gambling corresponds to / corresponds to the sanitary conditions and complies with the PSI rules;
  • a document showing the right to use the organizer by the right holder of the software program; for live transmissions, proof that the location where the live transmission is made by means of Internet communication systems, fixed or mobile telephony systems, holds valid authorization to operate gambling in casinos;
  • proof of registration as a personal data controller with the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing.

An element of novelty is the presence of a monitoring operator, which confirms that the online gambling operator complies with legal provisions and is independent of it.

The license required at the first point is not required if both the licensing of the gambling organization and the licensing of the gambling operation are requested at the same time.

The fees for the online (annual) gambling authorization are:

  • For online gambling: 1.5% of the revenues actually made at the organizer level, but not less than 400.000 lei, based on the technical and economic documentation of efficiency presented by the economic operator;
  • For on-line bets: 400,000 ROL

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