Maintenance Obligation

Maintenance Obligation

Attorney Office Alina Szilaghi provides complex consulting, assistance and representation services in the matter of maintenance.

Maintenance Obligation

According to the civil code, the father and mother are obliged to provide maintenance to their minor child, providing them with the necessary living, as well as their education, teaching and professional training.

For a major child, parents are required to maintain it if they continue their studies until they are completed but not older than 26 years of age.

The maintenance obligation can also be established in favor of the spouse who is in need after marriage, because of a work incapacity before marriage or during the marriage.

The maintenance amount can be set up to 25% of the net monthly income of the maintenance owed.

Legal services:

  • Legal advice on maintenance obligations;
  • Drafting action and representation in the procedure of establishing child support for juveniles and spouses;
  • Drafting of  Countervailing for the maintenance obligation action;
  • Editing action for modification/termination of maintenance pension.

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