Labor Law

Labor Law

Law Office Alina Szilaghi provides comprehensive assistance and representation services for both employees and employers.

Labor Law

In the field of labor law, our cabinet carries out complex assistance and representation services for both employees and employers in the field of collective and collective bargaining, in collective redundancies or social protection measures, as well as in disputes arising from special clauses in employment contracts such as loyalty, competition, confidentiality, and denigration.


  • The drafting and modification of individual or collective labor agreements, paying particular attention to the legal regime of specific clauses that concern the protection of employers’ interests;
  • Drafting and amending internal regulations and organizational and operating regulations, job descriptions;
  • Elaboration and drafting of orders, decisions, termination of the individual labor contract, detachment, etc .;
  • Drafting and writing legal opinions on any matter of labor law, as well as in case of labor conflicts;
  • Legal assistance and representation in employment disputes, resolution of litigation concerning accidents at work;
  • Representation before ITM, Financial Guard, and other authorities;
  • Legal assistance on personnel restructuring following transactions, merger and division proceedings, reorganization and collective redundancies;
  • Drafting of Posting Contracts for employees posted as a result of externalization of company services;
  • Legal assistance on the negotiation of termination agreements with redundant employees;
  • Disputes concerning the employer’s liability for the breach of the confidentiality clause, compensation for damages to the employer, refunds of undue amounts.


  • Participation in negotiations for the conclusion/modification of the individual labor contract;
  • Contesting disciplinary misconduct;
  • Assistance to disciplinary committees;
  • Appeal against the decision of the disciplinary commission;
  • Complaint of abusive dismissal decision;
  • Salary wage recovery;
  • Legal assistance and representation in labor disputes, resolution of litigation concerning accidents at work;
  • Appeal of decisions issued by the supervisory bodies within the labor inspectorate;
  • Settlement of disputes concerning the payment of salaries, diurnal rights and other labor law disputes.
  • Litigation in the field of employment: to require the employer to repay the sums of money retained from the salary, to compensate for the damage suffered by the employee, to reintegrate the employee into the former position.

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