Gambling and Gaming

Gambling & Gaming

Attorney Office Alina Szilaghi offers complex assistance and representation services in the field of gambling and gaming.

Gambling and Gaming

Attorney Office “Szilaghi Alina” offers specialized consultancy to companies present on the Romanian gambling market in legal matters related to the current activity or in the diversification of the portfolio of services, as well as to Romanian or foreign investors interested in entering this expanding market, services including:

  • general advice on the gambling and gaming regulatory framework, including the assessment and interpretation of the legislation in force for the purposes of assignment to the categories of gambling provided by law and the establishment of specific obligations, as well as the solicitation on behalf of clients of points of view from the part of the competent authorities regarding the practical interpretation or application of certain legal provisions
  • assisting companies to obtain specific licenses and authorizations in the field of gambling and gaming, and in procedures of any kind dealt with in front of the competent authorities, including assisting in the procedure for obtaining the organizing license and operating authorization from the Gambling Authorization Commission the Ministry of Public Finance
  • assisting companies in drafting and negotiating a wide range of specific contracts, including the sale/purchase, rental or leasing of equipment and systems necessary for the conduct of gambling activities, basic and auxiliary game equipment, joint venture agreements for exploitation in common gambling, etc.
  • advice on issues related to the organization and operation of online gambling, organized by means of Internet communication systems, fixed or mobile telephony systems

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