Freight Transport License

Freight Transport License

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Freight Transport License

Documents required to obtain a freight license

Transport activity can be performed only by commercial companies whose activity is one of the transport activities, namely transport of passengers and freight transport.

Apart from the condition of the object of activity, companies must obtain a Community transport license issued by the Romanian Rutier Authority (A.R.R.) for a period of 10 years. The Community license is kept at the company’s headquarters. For each motor vehicle, the Romanian Road Traffic Authority (ARA) will receive a certified copy which is issued for a period of at least one year, but without exceeding the license’s period of validity.

The conditions required for operating as a road carrier in Romania

In order to be a road haulage operator, undertakings must: have a real and stable head office in a Member State, have a good reputation, have the appropriate financial capacity and have the necessary professional competence.

Each of the above requirements shall be met if the undertaking performing the occupation of transport operator meets the following conditions:

  1. The condition regarding the registered office is fulfilled if: it has its headquarters located on the territory of Romania, within which it keeps its main working documents; owns one or more vehicles, which are registered in Romania; carries out the operations related to the vehicles mentioned permanently and effectively with the necessary administrative pieces of equipment and with the corresponding equipment and technical installations, in an exploitation center located on the territory of Romania;
  2. The condition of a good reputation is fulfilled if:
    the company and its transport manager have not been convicted or sanctioned for serious violations of applicable national rules;
    the transport manager or the transport undertaking has not been convicted or has not been penalized for serious infringements of Community rules.
  3. Financial capacity is met if the enterprise demonstrates that it has capital and reserves each year of at least EUR 9000 for a single vehicle used and EUR 5000 for each additional vehicle used.
  4. The undertaking which carries out the occupation of road transport operator fulfills the condition of professional competence if it designates a natural person as a transport manager holding a certificate of professional competence that fulfills the requirement of good repute.

Documents required to obtain freight authorizations

In order to obtain the portfolios of carriage of goods and compliant carriage authorizations, it is necessary to submit to the Romanian Rutier Authority (A.R.R.) an application accompanied by the following documents:

  • proof of ownership of the headquarters where the enterprise keeps its documents and in which it carries out its administrative and operational activity in relation to road transport;
  • document on the technical maintenance of used road vehicles;
  • the criminal record of the transport manager and a declaration on his / her own responsibility that it has not been sanctioned for serious violations of applicable national or Community rules;
  • the criminal record of the enterprise and a declaration on its own responsibility that the enterprise has not been sanctioned for serious violations of applicable national or Community rules;
  • document on the fulfillment of the financial capacity condition;
  • certificate of professional competence of the transport manager valid for the type of transport performed.

Special regulations for permits for the transport of dangerous goods

For the transport of dangerous goods it is necessary to submit to the Romanian Rutier Authority (A.R.R.) and the following documents:

  • proof of employment, appointment decision and professional attestation certificate of the safety adviser;
  • the certificate of approval issued by the Autonomous Registry “Roman Auto Registry”, for the vehicles for which it is necessary to issue the respective certificate;
  • the certificate of professional attestation of the driver, specific to the dangerous goods to be transported;
  • the authorization issued by the National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control for vehicles transporting dangerous goods in Class 7;
  • the technical inspection certificate in the case of specialized superstructures for the transport of liquefied gas containers or other dangerous goods.

Regardless of the type of goods transport (national or international, for a fee or for own use), it is necessary to keep a valid copy of the valid transport license for the road transport of goods, the transport document (the CMR letter), the validation card valid driver’s license, driver’s certificate of professional competence valid for the type of transport performed, lease / leasing agreement in original or in a copy conforming to the original, if the road vehicle is owned by a lease or leasing contract , as the case may be, the driver attestation, as the case may be, as well as all the specific documents provided by the regulations in force.

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