Family law

Family Law

Attorney Office Alina Szilaghi provides complex assistance and representation services in the field of family law.

Family Law

We provide specialized consultancy services, assistance, and representation in an amicable settlement, in mediation procedures, and in the courts for all kinds of family law cases. Family matters include divorce, child adoption, parental authority, legal separation, and international cases of competent Romanian courts such as international divorce, international kidnapping, and other similar cases.

Our approach helps our clients understand the practical and legal implications of a family law process, so we will advise you by following the interest of each individual client, loading resolution and amicable where appropriate so the soul’s implications are but also taking into account the costs or time needed to resolve conflicts.

A new and high-rate approach in our law office is representation/assistance in mediation, completed by signing an agreement. The benefits of this procedure are: shorter problem solving time, smaller accounts (in the case of splitting by agreement, the stamp duty is 50% higher than the one paid if you directly address the court); confidentiality and most important: the decision and the final solution will belong to you, not to a court of law. Our assistance and representation in court are focused on solutions specifically designed for each client and case, starting from the interests of clients and ensuring the confidentiality and discretion needed in such family issues.

Family relationships are a delicate area in which any dissatisfaction can easily generate a conflict involving emotions and diverse feelings.

We know how important the family is for our clients, so our law firm has set out to provide legal assistance and representation in family disputes.


  • Legal advice on divorce;
  • Negotiation for divorce settlement;
  • Drafting the divorce action and ancillary requests for wives’ names after divorce, parental authority, minor’s housing, etc .;
  • Drafting Countervention against Divorce Action;
  • Assistance and legal representation before the courts.


  • Specialized legal advice;
  • Wrote request protection order;
  • Assistance and representation before the court.


  • Negotiation for sharing agreement by agreement;
  • Legal advice on issues specific to sharing;
  • Legal assistance and representation in the sharing of common goods;
  • Draft action/welcome/counterparty request;
  • Sharing of common goods during or after marriage;
  • Transaction drafting.


  • Obtaining a certified copy after divorce, maintenance, minor domicile, etc .;
  • Obtaining civil status documents (marriage, birth, celibacy, etc.);


  • Writing and supporting action in establishing/denying the child’s paternity from marriage or outside marriage;
  • Writing action and representation in the minor custody procedure;
  • Drafting and supporting minor home domicile action;
  • Drafting and supporting action for banning or curating;
  • Recognition in Romania of sentences pronounced abroad – Exequator.

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