Divorce Attorney

Attorney Office Alina Szilaghi provides complex consulting, assistance and representation services in divorce matters.

Divorce Attorney

Divorce is the act of ending a marriage legally. If there are reasons why your marriage cannot continue and you appreciate that there is no way of reconciliation, then we can help with the dissolution of marriage.

Legal services

  • Negotiation for divorce settlement;
  • Drafting of the divorce action and related claims for wives’ names after divorce, parental authority, minor’s housing, etc .;
  • Drafting Countervention against Divorce Action;
  • Assistance and legal representation before the courts.

Frequent reasons for divorce

  • Leave of marital residence by one of the spouses;
  • Conjugal infidelity;
  • Acts of violence and serious injuries;
  • The vice of drunkenness;
  • The state of health that makes it impossible to continue marriage;
  • Existence of physical mismatches affecting marital relationships;
  • Verbal or physical violence against one of the spouses;
  • Lack of family-specific relationships;
  • Separation of the two spouses;
  • Relationships with other people.

Documents required at divorce

  • Copy of identity card;
  • Marriage certificate in original;
  • Birth certificate in copy – if there are minor children.

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