Divorce By Agreement

Divorce By Agreement

Attorney Office Alina Szilaghi provides complex consulting, assistance and representation services in divorce matters by agreement.

Divorce By Agreement

Divorce by agreement is a solution to the marriage by which, in the court of law, spouses express their consent for divorce.

The only necessary condition for divorce in this way is to express the agreement before the judge. There are no conditions related to the duration of the marriage or the existence of the juvenile children, nor are the reasons that led the spouses to the decision to divorce.

Attorney’s office Alina Szilaghi always advises her clients to try to reach an agreement with her spouse to divorce through this procedure as emotional and material costs are greatly diminished.

In this regard, our representatives can either start direct negotiations with the other spouse or direct the parties to the mediation procedure. When the spouses reach a compromise, Attorney Office Alina Szilaghi drafts the transaction contract and all other court documents for the successful completion of the divorce as soon as possible.

The main advantage of this procedure is able to separate divorce other requests are discussed, usually with divorce, custody of minor children and the problem resulting from marriage or question about the partition.

In other words, spouses can divorce immediately and then the court will decide on issues where there is no agreement. Obviously, husbands can also understand minors, goods and other financial issues at the same time as divorce, Attorney Office Alina Szilaghi enjoying great success in making all-encompassing and mutually beneficial transactions for spouses.

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