Law Office Alina Szilaghi offers complex counseling, assistance and representation services in the field of contravention.


In the field of contravention, we provide specialized legal assistance to those who have received fines or other sanctions that they wish to challenge in court.

If you have wrongly received a contravention sanction or you are dissatisfied with the sanction applied by the investigating agent, we can help you by introducing a contraventional complaint and by supporting before the court all the aspects that are in your favor.

Legal services

  • Free counseling in matters specific to contravention law;
  • Drafting appeals against minutes of contravention, regardless of the subject area;
  • Assistance and representation before the courts in actions having as their object infringement proceedings;
  • Formulation/drafting of procedural documents to be performed during the process.

Good to know

  1. the report of the offense is contested within 15 days;
  2. to challenge the offense report, your presence is not required;
  3. lawyer fees are low;
  4. the contravention order suspends the execution of the fine and of the complementary sanctions;
  5. after the introduction of contraventional complaints, the driving license is returned.

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