Contentious Law

Contentious Law

Law Office Alina Szilaghi provides complex consulting, assistance and representation services in the area of contentious law.

Contentious Law

Any person who considers himself or herself to be injured in a right of his own or in a legitimate interest, by a public authority, by an administrative act or through the failure to solve within a legal time a request, may address to the competent jurisdictional court, for the annulment of the act, the recognition of the claimed right or of the legitimate interest and the repair of the damage caused to it. Legitimate interest may be both private and public.

It can address the court of administrative disputes and the injured person in his / her right to a legitimate interest by an administrative act of an individual nature addressed to another subject of law.

Legal services

  • Legal advice to the public authority in the phases preceding the issuance of the administrative act;
  • Legal advice on customer relationship with central and local public authorities;
  • Legal assistance and representation of natural and legal persons before the administrative and fiscal court in all procedural phases;
  • Analysis of administrative and tax acts (tax decisions, tax inspection reports);
  • Drafting appeals against taxing decisions;
  • Drafting complaints against minutes or tax inspection reports, including fines, overdue debts, increases, penalties, recalculation, excise duties, taxes with or without withholding tax;
  • Representing and assisting in the implementation of administrative administrative procedures for tax and administrative appeal (preliminary complaint and appeal);
  • Representing and assisting in invoking and resolving exceptions of the illegality of administrative and fiscal acts as well as in proceedings on the suspension of the execution of administrative acts;
  • Drafting actions for unlawful administrative cancellation;

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