Company Domiciliation in Cluj Napoca

Company Domiciliation in Cluj Napoca

Law Office Alina Szilaghi offers domiciliation and relocation services in Cluj Napoca.

Company Domiciliation in Cluj Napoca

If you’ve decided to open your own business and have not already set up your future headquarters, you should know that choosing a headquarters is one of the most important steps in a company’s set-up. The headquarters is, in a way, the company’s first business card, as it is the first thing your potential customers see and can make a difference between the success and failure of your business.

The image and the credibility of a company are those that “sell”, whatever the product you want to sell. That is why the headquarters is essential for the good functioning of the company because it builds a good image and facilitates communication with the clients, if, of course, it is chosen properly.

There are many situations where you do not own a real estate, you can not get a registered office or you just want to move your headquarters to Cluj Napoca. For all these situations and not only, our company is here to assist you. Since we are a specialized law office, and according to the provisions of art. 3 (h) of Law 51/1995, for the organization and pursuit of the profession of lawyer, at the professional office of a lawyer, of course, for a limited period of time, the registered office of a commercial company may be established. This is done for a maximum of one year through a legal assistance contract.

In addition, our office can help you if you want to relocate your company’s headquarters in Cluj Napoca in no time.

Choosing a headquarters through a rental agreement involves a lot of beatings with the rental or commodity contract as well as regarding the obtaining of the agreement of the neighbors or of the Association of Owners in the block that you are targeting. There are many people who are not willing to submit to the possible agglomeration or to the perpetual noise and perpetuation of the existence of a company headquarters open to the general public.

So if you want to minimize the procedures needed to get a headquarters for your business, a more viable option would be to call a corporate headquarters service. Our law office will promptly provide this service in Cluj Napoca.

Our services in terms of hosting your headquarters include setting up your company’s headquarters at our law office, but not doing your own business in this space, as well as doing the on-the-spot between our lawyer and your company’s representative.

At the same time, we provide the correspondence reception and notification service so that you always keep in touch with what happens to your company and not be excluded from the economic circuit.

For our company, professionalism, communication with the customer and safety are the first, and by calling our services you will not have unpleasant incidents that could happen if you choose to rent the premises from an unknown person.

Finally, I add that the fee I mentioned earlier is insignificant compared to the price you should pay for the purchase of a property or a rental agreement.

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