Property, Construction and Utility, Project Development

Property, Construction and Utility, Project Development in Romania

Law Office Alina Szilaghi offers complete assistance and representation services in real estate, construction and utilities in Romania.

Property, Construction and Utility, Project Development

Law firm “Alina Szilaghi” provides consultancy to Romanian and foreign natural persons and companies in the acquisition / sale of real estate properties in Romania, as well as, as the case may be, in obtaining financing for the execution of the respective projects, in the verification of the ownership documents and the related registrations, as well and in negotiating design and business contracts, including FIDIC rules.

In this field, the law firm “Alina Szilaghi” provides clients with a wide range of services:

  • assisting clients in real estate transactions, including drafting all contracts and agreements necessary for the purchase of real estate, checking all property documents, establishing a specific structure for the purchase of real estate to ensure maximum profit as well as drafting contracts specific to the management of those real estate properties
  • assisting clients in financing real estate projects, including advice on the application of legal provisions, the structuring of transactions, the use of financing mechanisms and the granting of guaranteed loans, assistance in drafting and negotiating contracts for both beneficiaries and financiers.

In addition to the legal assistance services, the law firm “Alina Szilaghi” can provide clients with experienced consultants in evaluating investment opportunities, drafting projects and feasibility studies, providing assistance on project development consisting of planning, programming, risk assessment, budget projections, etc.

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