Founding SRL in Romania

Founding SRL in Romania

Attorney Office Alina Szilaghi offers full assistance and representation services in the setting up of a LLC in Romania.

Founding SRL in Romania

Limited Liability Company (LLC) is that form of a commercial company whose social obligations are guaranteed by the social patrimony, and the associates are obliged only within the limit of the subscribed share capital.

The share capital will be set by the associates according to the needs of the company, subject to the minimum legal limit of 200 RON.

The Limited Liability Company may be constituted by:

  • the association of two or more associates to carry out a commercial activity in order to share profits and who are responsible for social obligations within the limit of their contribution;
  • the contribution of a single associate, who owns all the social parts; the sole associate may be a natural person or a legal person.

The necessary documents for the registration of the Limited Liability Company – LLC are:

  • copy of identity card/passport of associates;
  • proof of the registered office (lease / sub-lease agreement/commodity contract, etc.); if you do not have a place to establish your headquarters, our office will provide your headquarters;
  • the owners’ association agreement;
  • neighbors’ agreement;
  • specimen signature.

The preparation of all documents and obtaining the necessary documents for drawing up the file for registration of the company at the Trade Registry, including the reservation of name, will be handled by our cabinet.

The file to be filed with the Trade Registry for the registration of the limited liability company will include the following documents:

  • application for registration;
  • children identity card/passport of associates;
  • proof of the availability and booking of the company;
  • the constitutive act;
  • evidence of head office / secondary;
  • the owners’ association agreement;
  • neighbors’ agreement;
  • tax records of associates and administrators;
  • evidence of depositing share capital;
  • declarations made on their own responsibility by the associates/administrators, which show that they meet the legal conditions for the possession of these qualities;
  • signature specimens of company representatives;
  • proof of payment of registration fees of the company;
  • Attorney-at-law mandate.

Based on the lawyer’s mandate, we will file the file with the Trade Registry, we will represent you in front of the Delegated Judge and we will hand over your company’s registration certificate within 4 days of filing the application for registration of the company.

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