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Firm foundation

Attoerney Office Alina Szilaghi provides full assistance and representation services in setting up companies.

Firm Foundation

The establishment of a trading company or a modification of the constitutive act or any other legal action initiated solely on the basis of information found on the internet or provided by benevolent friends is as dangerous as the treatment of a medical condition after the ear. We invite you not to underestimate the importance of a legal opinion issued by a lawyer.

In order to protect your rights, financial investments and business, the counsel of a lawyer is the most efficient and inexpensive method!

You can benefit from the services of a team of experienced lawyers for a wide range of activities:

  • Establishment of companies (reservation of the name, drafting of the constitutive act, drafting the declarations on own responsibility, the contract for renting or leasing, the representation in the trade register);
  • Certification of documents for the establishment or modification of company documents;
  • Carrying out all the formalities for registration of the changes to the company’s constitutive documents (increase of the share capital, transfer of shares, change of the registered office in the same county or in another, establishment of the working place, extension of the mandate of administrators or change of the directors, extension of their mandate, revocation, change of the main and secondary activity object, suspension of activity, etc.);
  • Fusion, division, voluntary dissolution;
  • Legal assistance and representation regarding the conclusion of contracts relating to the management and operation of commercial companies;
  • Assistance and legal representation in commercial negotiation procedures;
  • Legal assistance at all stages of judicial reorganization and dissolution of commercial companies;
  • Establishing optimal strategies for maximizing profits of companies and ensuring risks to the client;
  • Legal assistance in the negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts concluded by the client;
  • Assistance to notary offices in the case of authentic contracts;
  • Legal assistance and representation in connection with the negotiation, conclusion and execution of commercial contracts;
  • Drafting and reviewing civil and commercial contracts, including additional acts;
    Legal advice and assistance on all aspects of consumer law, including consumer protection issues.

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