Establishment of SA in Romania

Establishment of SA in Romania

Attorney Office Alina Szilaghi offers full assistance and representation services in the setting up of an SA in Romania.

Establishment of SA in Romania

The joint stock company is the form of a commercial company whose share capital is divided into shares, and the social obligations are guaranteed by the social patrimony, the shareholders responding only to the extent of their contribution.

The share capital will be set by the shareholders according to the needs of the company, but can not be less than the equivalent in Ron of 25,000 euros.

A joint stock company may be formed by:

the contributions of at least two shareholders for the conduct of commercial activity in order to share profits and who are responsible for the social obligations within the limit of their contribution;
public subscription – which means a subscription offer addressed to any person who has money and wants to invest by buying shares.

The necessary documents for the registration of the joint stock company – SA are:

  • identity card / passport copy of the shareholders;
  • proof of the registered office (lease / sub-lease agreement / commodity contract, etc.); in case you do not have a space for the establishment of our headquarters, our company will provide its headquarters;
  • the owners’ association agreement;
  • neighbors’ agreement;
  • specimen signature.

Writing all the documents and obtaining the necessary documents to prepare the file for registration of your company at the Trade Registry, including the reservation of the name, will be handled by us. We have experienced lawyers and make sure you benefit from an irreproachable legal service.

The file to be filed with the Trade Registry for the registration of the joint stock company will include the following documents:

  • the application for registration;
  • proof of availability and booking of the company;
  • the constitutive act;
  • proof of head office / secondary;
  • proof of social capital;
  • acts on property for contributions in kind, subscribed and paid at constitution;
  • declarations given on their own responsibility, as the case may be, by the founders / administrators / censors or natural persons representing the legal person appointed administrator or censor, showing that they meet the legal conditions for holding these qualities;
  • signature specimens of company representatives;

If appropriate:

  • registration papers of founders, administrators, censors, legal persons (original or certified copy and, as the case may be, translation by an authorized translator whose signature is legalized by a notary public);
  • the decision of the statutory body of the founders of legal persons regarding the participation in the constitution of the company (original or certified copy and, as the case may be, the translation made by an authorized translator whose signature is legalized by a notary public);
  • the mandate for the person empowered to sign the constitutive act in the name and on behalf of the founder legal person (original or certified copy and, where appropriate, translation by an authorized translator whose signature is legalized by a notary public);
  • the statement of the founders/directors/members/directors/ directors on the identification data of the authorized independent private registered company keeping the shareholders’ registry;
  • pre-notices provided by special laws;
  • Evidence of payment of legal fees/charges;
  • Attorney-at-law mandate.

Based on the lawyer’s mandate, we will file the file with the Trade Registry, we will represent you in front of the delegated judge and will hand you the registration certificate of the commercial company within 4 days from the filing date of the registration application of the company.

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