Establishment of Real Estate Agency

Establishment of Real Estate Agency in Romania

Law Office Alina Szilaghi offers complete assistance and representation services in setting up a real estate agency in Romania.

Establishment of Real Estate Agency in Romania

The real estate agency is a firm, usually set up as a limited liability company, which has as object the sale or rental of real estate on the basis of consultancy in this field. The real estate agency studies both demand and supply, identifies them and connects them in exchange for a commission.

There are, as in any process, some prior operations you must undertake in order to set up such an agency as follows:

  • you must submit a request for availability check and/or reservation of the name, and it is recommended that you choose three names in the order of your preferences;

Law office “Alina Szilaghi” is at your disposal in the process of checking the trade registry of three variants of name by paying the cost of a single request in order to facilitate the registration of your company.

  • determining the business object of the company – it is mandatory to establish the main activity object of the company you are going to set up by analyzing the categories of activities to which the NACE codes are assigned.

As a rule, the CAEN codes used by real estate agencies are 682 – Hire and sublease of own or rented real estate and 683 – Real estate activities based on commission or contract.

In this regard, our attorneys are at your disposal to provide you with any information regarding this step in setting up your company.

  • drafting the constitutive act, depending on the type of company you want;

In the next stage, the cabinet team will deal with the drafting of documents and obtaining the necessary documents for the registration of your company in the Trade Register. This dossier will include the following documents:

  • the application for registration in the Trade Register in its original form;
  • the tax registration appendix available on the ONRC site;
  • proof of verification and reservation of company name;
  • copy of associate identity documents/passports;
  • the proof of the right of use on the place of registered office as well as a certificate issued by the National Agency for Fiscal Administration, in whose constituency is located the building with the registered office, proving that for this building there was not registered any another document attesting the transfer of the right of use over it, whether for consideration or free of charge, or the existence of other contracts conferring the right of use on the same immovable property;

If you do not have a place to set up your headquarters, our office provides you with locations to establish your company’s headquarters based on the legal assistance contract with our company for a one year period, based on an affordable fee.

  • the constitutive act;
  • the agreement of the owners’ association and the agreement of the neighbors;
  • evidence of capital surplus;
  • the fiscal record of associates/shareholders and the manager;
  • a self-responsibility statement signed by the founders/manager showing that they meet the legal requirements of having these qualities;
  • signature specimens of company representatives;
  • Evidence of payment of taxes or legal fees;

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