Establishment of a forestry company in Romania

Establishment of a forestry company in Romania

Law Office Alina Szilaghi provides full assistance and representation services in setting up a logging company in Romania.

Establishment of a forestry company in Romania

Most often, the legal form that forestry firms adopt is that of a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Determining the legal form of your future forest exploitation society is the first step in this process. In the next step, it is necessary to establish certain determinant aspects according to your needs, namely: the registered office, the number of associates, the share of each associate, the duration of the society’s operation, the value of the capital or the appointment of a manager and the determination of the dissolution and liquidation of society.

The first and most important formal measure you have to adopt for establishing a forestry company is the registration of this company in the Trade Register. This registration involves the following prior actions:

  • checking the availability and/or reservation of the name – as a rule, it is advisable to choose three variants of naming in the order of your preferences.

Attorney’s office “Alina Szilaghi” is at your disposal in the process of checking the trade registry of three variants of name by paying the cost of a single request in order to facilitate the registration of your company.

  • determining the business object of the company – it is mandatory to establish the main activity object of the company you are going to set up by analyzing the categories of activities to which the NACE codes are assigned.

In your situation, you will have to choose the NACE code or codes in group 02, entitled Forestry and Forestry. This code group comprises the following classes:

021 Forestry and other forestry activities

022 Forestry exploitation

023 Collection of non-woody forest products from the spontaneous flora

024 Activities related to forestry

  • drafting the constitutive act.

The law republished in 2015, namely the Forest Code, establishes the necessity to obtain certain authorizations for carrying out the forestry activity and the processing of round wood.

Thus, this law stipulates that the exploitation of the wood is only possible after obtaining the authorization for exploitation and handing over of the parquet. The exploitation of the wood can also be undertaken only by the economic operators who have been certified by the attestation commission. This committee works within the framework of the employers’ and professional forestry association which is recognized at the national level.

The exploitation authorization is issued by the forestry authority that provides the administration or the forestry services.

Equally, roundwood processing in installations or equipment belonging to legal entities can also take place by obtaining a permit from the legal entity as well as installations and equipment by a commission set up for this purpose.

The Commission for the attestation of the economic operators for the forestry activity carries out its activity within the Forestry Association of Romanian Forestry.

In order to obtain the certificate of attestation, the legal person has the obligation to submit to the Commission’s secretariat a file that must contain certain documents provided by the law.

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