Establishment of a branch

Establishment of a branch in Romania

Law Office Alina Szilaghi offers full assistance and representation services in setting up a branch in Romania.

Establishment of a branch

The Branch is a dismantling without the juridical personality of the commercial company, depending on a certain autonomy, within the limits established by the society.

The Branch cannot participate in its own name at the legal circuit. The legal acts that the branch’s activity requires to be carried out are concluded by the representatives appointed by the commercial company.

Documents required to register a branch in Romania

The documents you need to provide us with for registering a branch of a trading company based in Romania are:

  • identity card / Associate Passport – copy;
  • proof of the registered office (lease / sub-lease / contract, etc.) – copy;
  • the owners’ association agreement;
  • neighbors’ agreement
  • specimen signature.

The file to be filed with the Trade Register for the registration of a branch will contain the following documents:

  • application for registration;
  • the decision of the general meeting of the shareholders/shareholders/ the decision of the sole associate / the decision of the CA / the management or the addendum to the constitutive act – of the founding legal entity designating and the person authorized to represent the branch;
  • proof of branch office;
  • declarations given on their own responsibility by the persons empowered to represent the branch, from which it results that they fulfill the legal conditions for holding this qualification;
  • the signature specimens of the persons empowered to represent the branch;
  • Evidence of payment of legal fees;
  • power of attorney.

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