Commercial Law

Commercial Law

Attorney Office Alina Szilaghi provides complex assistance and representation services in the field of commercial law.

Commercial Law

Business success depends on strategy, organization, and application of management plans. A company manager wants immediate results. One of our credos is saving the customer time and thus converging interests between client and lawyer. We are ready to offer an extensive range of legal services in the commercial field that ensures the success of companies throughout their business. Actually, that’s what we are looking for. Success. We discover and achieve success.

We provide legal assistance on the activities of companies: foundations, mergers, dissolutions, and liquidations. We provide advice on the establishment of a trading company, the drafting of acts of incorporation and their registration at the competent institutions. Also, our services include obtaining the necessary authorizations for the establishment and functioning of the trading companies and amending the constitutive acts. We offer consultancy services and services for the rapid establishment of companies, depending on the specifics of your activity, with the possibility of hosting the registered office.

The hosting service allows you to set up the company in the shortest possible time by minimizing the necessary procedures. In this case, you no longer need ownership documents, lease agreements, neighbors’ agreement, etc.

Establishment of the company is made in maximum 4 days, with assured insurance throughout the registration of the company.

For changes in existing companies, we provide complete services for all operations at the Trade Registry.

Legal assistance services also include the administration of the company, the design of the management contract of the company, the participation and logistical support given to the general meeting of the associates and the board of directors. In short – judicious administration.

The practice of our company includes legal assistance in the negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts concluded by the client, assistance in notary offices in the case of authentic contracts, assistance in drafting distribution contracts for the implementation of the distribution network of products or services. Last but not least, our lawyers provide assistance on competitive issues: economic concentrations, monopolistic understandings, unfair competition, abuse of a dominant position, and due diligence. We’re not afraid.

List of services:

  • Founding SRL Cluj Napoca;
  • Establishment of Self Employed Company in Cluj Napoca;
  • Hosting company headquarters;
  • Dissolution and simultaneous liquidation of companies;
  • Establishment of companies: S.A., S.N.C., S.C.S., S.C.A. , S.R.L.-D, for Cluj county;
  • Business Advice and Legal Assistance;
  • Check availability and / or business name reservation;
  • Establishment of branches, work points;
  • Change of registered office, obtaining a new registration certificate;
  • Extending the validity of the registered office;
  • Taking over of companies;
  • Assignment of shares;
  • Completion, restriction or recodification of objects of activity;
  • Dissolution and simultaneous liquidation of companies;
  • Change the main activity, (obtaining a new registration certificate) or secondary activity;
  • Changing associates, administrators or prolonging mandates;
  • Change the company name, obtain a new registration certificate;
  • Legal Form Transformation;
  • Increase or decrease of share capital;
  • Material error corrections;
  • Submission and mention of documents in the Trade Register;
  • Obtaining certificates, certified copies or duplicates;
  • Legal writing of civil and commercial contracts, international commercial contracts, employment contracts (individual and collective), legal acts of labor law;
  • Writing, date attestation, identify parts and document content.

It’s important to be able to rely on someone. Sometimes partnership is more important than the outcome itself. This is why we have developed another dimension of our commercial law services at the “Attorney Office – Alina Szilaghi”: establishment of companies, mergers of companies, liquidation of companies, dissolution of companies, assistance and representation before the court courts and arbitration courts in the case of disputes arising out of the relations between the company and other economic agents, but also in the case of disputes caused by the internal relations of the company. It matters to us.

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