Recovery Claims

Recovery Claims

Attorney Office Alina Szilaghi provides legal and legal services to businesses and individuals for the recovery of civil or commercial claims.

Recovery Claims

Our law firm provides legal services and information to businesses and individuals for the recovery of civil or commercial claims.

  • Do you have any tax invoices due?
  • Do you have debtors who do not pay their debts to you?
  • Do you have the CEC tab or Order Ticket with Refusal to Pay?
  • Do you have a contract that has not been respected?

Our lawyers deal with the recovery of any type of claim: non-repayable term loans, sums of money owed on the basis of rental contracts, court decisions or service contracts, amounts owed due to intermediary services, services, entrepreneurship, etc.

Debt recovery services refer to the following activities:

  • Legal advice provided by our lawyers to assist and represent clients both in the pre-trial phase of actions or claims in court (notifications, summonses), and in front of the courts of law, in appeals, as well as in the forced execution phase;
  • Drawing notifications to the debtors and, in case of existence of titles, starting the forced execution procedures; this activity also includes procedures for informing the debtor’s solvency;
  • Drafting of court actions (low value claim, payment order, actions in common law claims) for obtaining the enforceable titles and effective recovery through specific execution procedures;
  • Representation before competent courts.

For the quick recovery of claims, commercial companies and individuals have the choice between the procedures provided by the New Civil Procedure Code: payment order, low-value claim, or action in cassation under common law.

The option for these debt recovery procedures is conditioned by the acts the creditor has in proving his claim: contract, accepted invoices, partial payments, balance confirmation, payment commitment, etc., and we will provide direct consultancy for choosing the optimal procedure followed.

Recovery of claims through these procedures is done in a short time, and the costs involved are low.

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