Attorney Office Alina Szilaghi provides complex assistance and representation services in the field of forced execution procedure.


Whether you are a creditor and you have a court order to be enforced, whether you are the one against whom enforcement is started, as a debtor, assistance from a lawyer is essential in defending your rights.

In this regard, we provide our clients with legal services regarding:

Legalization of court judgments to be enforced;

  • Drawing up requests for enforced execution and return of execution;
  • Registering them at the bailiff’s office;
  • Following the entire procedure until the full recovery of the amounts mentioned in the enforcement order (the court decision) and maintaining the connection with the bailiff during the entire enforced execution;
  • Identifying the best ways to prosecute (housing, movable, real estate), and asking the bailiff to query/address all banking institutions and central and local authorities that can provide information on incomes, movable and immovable property of borrowers;
  • Negotiations with the debtor for the recovery of the claim and the settlement of the file;
  • Drafting appeals and representing before courts to support them;
  • Drafting suspension requests;
  • Cancellation of forced execution initiated by banks or recovery firms (Kruk, Secapital, EOS KSI, Next Capital, Otp Faktoring, etc.) on the appeal;
  • Legal assistance and representation in enforcement, auctions, evictions, seizures, bank executions and forced execution by state institutions;

We invite you not to underestimate the importance of a legal opinion issued by a lawyer. A request for forced execution, a challenge or an application for suspension of forced execution, any other legal action initiated solely on the basis of information provided by the internet or friends is as dangerous as the treatment of a medical condition after the ear.

In order to protect your rights, financial investments and business in a company like ours, the most effective and inexpensive method is to advise a lawyer!

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