Civil Law

Civil Law

Attorney Office Alina Szilaghi provides comprehensive assistance and representation services in all kinds of civil processes.

Civil law

We offer qualified lawyer services both on the consultancy line and on the court representation line. We can be your lawyer in trials at the Judicial, Tribunale and County Courts, Courts of Appeal, High Court of Cassation and Justice, including the Strasbourg Court. We can represent you in any kind of civil lawsuits and we can provide you with the best strategies for resolving civil disputes arising in your life.

We provide the necessary support for legal services related to the defense and exploitation of legitimate rights and interests arising from civil law relations: rights and obligations, contracts, property / co-ownership, tort law, property or property insurance, housing rights, the dignity of the person and not only.

Legal services

  • Legal advice in the field of civil law;
  • Assistance and/or representation before courts or other institutions;
  • Drafting, filing and supporting specific civil law actions.
  • Property consultancy;
  • Consultancy and drafting of contracts (civil, commercial);
  • Securities and real estate claims – land and buildings;
  • Real estate acquisitions;
  • Successions and parcels;
  • Exit from indivision;
  • Evictions and forced execution;
  • Recovery of claims of any kind;
  • Cancellations of documents and contracts;
  • Obligation to do;
  • Return of the loaned asset;
  • Real estate claims, house and land restitution
  • Building construction, land acquisition
  • Perfecting buy-out papers when buying homes and valuables
  • Evacuation
  • Enforcement
  • Appeals to forced execution
  • Inheritance/inheritance lawyer: Inheritance debate, Inheritance, Inheritance, and Inheritance – Inheritance, Inheritance Certificate, Requests for Validation or Execution of Testamentary Provisions; claims of deceased creditors against heirs,
  • Succession (inheritance)
  • Cancellation of notary deeds or certificate of inheritance
  • Correction of civil status documents
  • Termination of contracts
  • Judicial Seizure
  • Precautionary attachment
  • Insurrection
  • Recovery of damages of any kind
  • Finding absolute nullity;
  • Cancellation of legal acts;
  • Resolution of the sale-purchase contract;
  • Termination of the sale-purchase contract;
  • Revocation of the donation contract;
  • Actions in regression;
  • Oblique action;
  • Paulian action;
  • Cancellation (termination) of the sale-purchase contract;
  • Statement of the simulation;
  • Enrichment without foundation;
  • Reimbursement of part of the sale price;
  • Warranty call for eviction;
  • Summoning the buyer against the seller;
  • Property / mobiliar claim;
  • Claiming of movable goods at the inheritance table;
  • Crateing and Claiming;
  • Fencing;
  • Servitude;
  • Finding a superficial right;
  • Evacuation;
  • Application for prohibition/lift of the ban;
  • Request to declare the disappearance;
  • Request to declare presumed death;
  • Request for rectification of presumed death;
  • Application for the annulment of the declaration of death;
  • Application for late registration of birth;
  • Request for cancellation, modification, correction, or completion of the civil status act;
  • Actions resulting from the legal relationship, owner/tenant;
  • Actions relating to successions and shareholdings, leaving indivisible;
  • Negotiation and trading;

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