Appeal ONJN Fines

Appeal ONJN Fines

Attorney Office Alina Szilaghi provides complex assistance and representation services on the appeal procedure for ONJN fines.

Appeal ONJN Fines

The National Gaming Office (ONJN) is a specialized body of the state that carries out gambling control.

ONJN has recently announced that it will fine over 50,000 people who have bet on sites without authorization in Romania with amounts between ROL 5,000 and ROL 10,000, and will officially notify them in the following months that they have broken the law and will be sanctioned.

If you are among the individuals you are interested in, you should know that the ONJN knows all the information you create on your online gaming platforms (phone number, bank account, e-mail, IP, etc.) and they will usually contact by phone to invite you to the Office with a view to drafting a contravention report.

Insofar as you do not present the minutes, they end in default and are communicated to your home address.

As soon as you receive a contravention report or you are contacted by ONJN by phone, you should immediately contact a lawyer.

In the field of gambling, Attorney Office Alina Szilaghi can provide the legal assistance necessary to get a solution for you.

Legal services:

  • Gambling specific advice;
  • Drafting a contraventional complaint against the contravention minutes;
  • Assistance and representation before the courts in actions having as their object infringement proceedings;
  • Formulation/drafting of procedural documents to be performed during the process;

Good to know

  • The report of the offense is contested within 15 days;
  • You do not need to be present to challenge the offense report;
  • Costs with lawyer fees are low;
  • The contravention order suspends the execution of the fine and of the complementary sanctions;
  • There is the possibility of replacing the sanction of the minimum fine of 5000 lei with the sanction of the warning.

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